Henselite Tiger II Coloured Bowls


Henselite Tiger II Bowls available in speckled core colours Atomic Red, Midnight, Mystic, Ocean Green, Planet Earth and Ruby Rich.


Henselite Tiger II Coloured Bowls

The Tiger II is perfect for fast outdoor surfaces and indoor greens.  It has a draw line just inside the Tiger PRO and offers a lenient, gentle draw to the jack with no hook at the end, making it primarily ideal for front end players.

Ergo fit profile and Series C grip as standard.

Available in speckled core colours Midnight & Ruby Rich in sizes 00-5H, Atomic Red, Ocean Green & Planet Earth in sizes 0-4H and Mystic in sizes 1-4H.

Also in Black in sizes 00-4H.

Non Grip to order in sizes 3 & 4H only.

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