Lawn Bowls Rebound Disc 14 Nail Fix


The “Rebound Disc” is a flexible Rebound Jack in the form of a disc, and it is a
flexible Rebound Bowl in the form of a disc. The disc are the same dimensions,
the same colour, and look like a jack and bowl when you’re standing on the mat;
but without the same time wasting result when when you succeed with your draw,
up- shot or drive because they simply rebound back into place!

Repetition is the key to success; practice your weakness and continue to develop
your strengths. Draw / Trail / Up-shot / Run / Drive with as many bowls as you like
without moving off the mat. Hit the “Rebound Disc” and it simply springs back up!

The “Rebound Disc” will allow the bowler to practice alone or with others, and will
remove the frustrations of having to leave the mat to repair a disturbed head.

Simply set up the “Rebound Discs” at each end of the rink and place your mat in
front of the head. Length of ends can be altered by simply moving the mat.

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